An extra bathroom can help improve your quality of life in your home, but for what other reasons should you install one?

Benefits Of An Extra Bathroom

If you’re thinking of renovating or converting your home, it can be difficult to choose what you would like to improve and change. When deciding this, it’s important to take everything about your home into consideration as it’s a significant investment. For example, if you are thinking about extending your family, but don’t want the hassle of moving homes, then a home extension could be right for you in order to extend your living space.

Or, if you want to improve your culinary skills, or simply just love spending time in the kitchen, then why not get a kitchen renovation? There are plenty of ways that you can alter your home to make it more suited to yourself. However, one of the most life-changing home renovations, that adds a huge chunk onto your homes resale value is a bathroom installation.

An extra bathroom can change your life, although it doesn’t seem like a big change, it makes the world of a difference once complete. If you have a member of your family or a friend that lives with you that has limited mobility, it can be challenging for them to do things like shower or bathe by themselves. By installing extra mobility bathrooms Northampton, you can make their life easier and avoid causing them disruption. So if you’re currently on the fence about whether you should add an extra bathroom to your home, then keep reading! Here are the benefits.


Mobility bathrooms over the years have changed the lives of those who have limited mobility and need easy access to a bath and shower. It’s extremely convenient for them. A lot of typical baths and showers have no anti-slip grip, and they also have no handles or support mechanisms to help people keep balance or hold themselves up.

As for baths, it can be difficult to keep yourself uplifted in the water and can be a very uncomfortable, as well as dangerous experience if done without any help. Mobility bathrooms added to your home make life more convenient to you, and dramatically simplify the process of washing or bathing.

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Good For Your Family

Often, those who have disabled family members or family members with limited mobility, they often take it upon themselves to help them and make sure that they have the help they need to do the things they need to. If this is the case, then adding another bathroom to your home is the ideal way to make them feel comfortable and at ease in your home.

Naturally, those with limited mobility or a disability will take longer to shower or bathe, simply because it is more difficult for them and will take them more time to get everything done. Because of this, if you only have one bathroom in your entire home, they may start to feel guilty about taking up the bathroom for long periods of time. Although it is not an issue and we are sure that you are extremely understanding, it can be hard for that person to not feel like they’re causing you trouble. Installing an extra bathroom allows them to have space to spend as much time as they need without them being worried that somebody else needs to use the bathroom as well. It’s a great way to make your friend or family member feel more comfortable or at ease.


We have all been in the situation when one of your family members bursts into the bathroom while you are in there using it. It can be irritating, and when people are all fighting over one bathroom, it can get intense and bring arguments to your home. As bathrooms are typically the environment where people carry out their daily grooming tasks and like to spend time to themselves in peace and quiet with a relaxing bath, it can be extremely agitating when someone begins knocking on the door because they also need to use the bathroom.

Installing an extra bathroom gives yourself more privacy, especially if it’s an en-suite. If you have more than one functioning bathroom space, your other family members can use this while you relax and carry out your daily routine undisturbed.

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Improve Safety

Those who have family members who need additional support and have trouble getting around, understand how awful it can feel to be worrying about their safety constantly, especially if they live on their own.

Or, if you have a family member who lives with you, but you are not their around the clock carer, and they do spend time in your home on their own, you want to be able to ensure that they are safe in the comfort of their own home. By installing an extra bathroom, with limited mobility facilities such as walk in showers Bedford, you can ensure that your friend or family member is safe even when you are not around.

Be sure that when you are having your mobility bathroom fitted, that you converse with the installer about all of the safety features that are being installed. Typically we install things like handlebars for added support, emergency cords, and anti-slip materials on the floor to ensure maximum safety.

Resale Value

If you’re wanting to get onto the property market but don’t know where to start, an added bathroom could be perfect. It’s difficult to know where to start when you want to improve your home, but starting off smaller and slowly increasing improvements is the best way to do so. An added bathroom is one of the best and first home improvements you can make.

Having a bathroom on each floor of a home is often preferred by potential buyers, as well as offering a guaranteed 50% return in investment.

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Install An Extra Bathroom Today

An extra bathroom can be life changing; you will not understand the difference it makes until you install one in your home. For more information or other mobility bathroom services, please contact one of our team members today.

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