A modern bathroom is often something that most homeowners want to create in their property for a number of different reasons.

Why Create A Modern Bathroom?

With new build homes and modernised properties becoming more and more popular, as well as advanced, a modern bathroom is quite frequently the look that homeowners are searching for.

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms within your property, and modernising it gives it a luxury sense to your property. As you spend a lot of time in there, it’s nice to make it feel like your own and to create a comfortable environment suited to you where you can relax and unwind. After a long day, sometimes all you need to perk you up is a warm shower or a bubble bath, and if your bathroom isn’t designed how you want or is outdated, this may not feel as replenishing as it could. Which is why we have composed a list of ways that you can modernise your bathroom without any dramatic costs or long construction or conversion processes. So keep reading!

Retile Your Bathroom

If your bathroom has cracked, smashed or damaged tiles either on the walls or flooring, it can have a damaging effect on its appearance. The main thing about having a modern bathroom as well as one that makes you feel comfortable is that it has no damage that could cause you injury, or even reduce its quality.

Not only are things like this an eyesore as well as a pain, but they can cause you injury if left. Broken tiles can causes cuts, and lifted tiles can cause you to trip and fall. Ensure that if you have any of these problems, they’re fixed right away to ensure that your bathroom environment is safe.

In order to have a modern bathroom you should try and keep up with trends, we found this article giving some gallery images of some of the best modern bathroom decor ideas. Retiling your bathroom makes it feel fresh and replenished, and there are so many design patterns you can create with tiles. Choose a trusted tiler to fit these for you and ensure that everything is carried out to your preferences.

laying down tiles

Change The Handles

How long have you had those door handles? One way to make your bathroom feel modernised and luxurious is to create a captivating entrance. Although just a small touch, new door handles can make the world of a difference and dramatically improve your bathroom – as well as it being one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your bathroom.

Or if you don’t want to stick to just door handles, why not match them up with the other decorative accents in your bathroom? If you have sets of drawers or storage cabinets, you can find handles that match up with the other door handles. Or if your toilet looks like it needs a bit of decorative attention, why not refit it with a new handle or button that matches the rest of your bathroom? It’s the small things that make a big impact!

Tap Heads

And if you don’t want to stop at door handles, another small change that can have a positive impact on the appearance of your bathroom is your tap heads. If your taps are leaking or broken, this is a great time to replace them! As your trying to modernise your bathroom, opt for taps that are chrome or silver with pull up mechanisms, as opposed to the traditional twisting tap heads.

Be sure to keep in mind the overall design of your bathroom and property design when choosing your taps to ensure that it fits in with the overall design scheme. And be sure to have regular plumbing work, as hard water can cause problems with your tap systems and end up costing you extra money on your bills.

bathroom sink

Install A Walk In Shower

Walk in showers Milton Keynes have become more and more popular throughout recent years. This is down to the fact that they allow more freedom, and can add extra space to your bathroom. The most common reason is that they are perfect for those who have limited mobility. Walk in showers are simple and are suited for any property.

Installing one of these as opposed to a standard shower allows room for more things in your bathroom. For example, if you currently have a bath and shower that is taking up a lot of room, yet you have no storage space in your bathroom, why not opt for a walk in shower to reduce the available space in your bathroom?

New Lighting

LED lighting has been, and is still dramatically rising in popularity. The environment was suffering from the impact of old standard light bulbs. These contained a lot of poisonous chemicals which were not only bad for the environment, but are also toxic to humans. These light bulbs are actually illegal now, but you still have a wide variety of choice from LED lighting, energy saving bulbs and many more.

One of the best things about LED lighting is that it has so many design options and different ways to be used. It can be coloured and used as mood lighting, or put into complex, stunning lighting fixtures or chandeliers. If you aren’t someone who likes bright, white lighting then not to worry as you can buy dimmed, yellow-hued LED bulbs. Or alternatively why not just install LED bathroom mirrors for light when you need it? LED bathroom mirrors are convenient for those who get ready and carry out their beauty regime daily in the bathroom. The LED bathroom mirror is turned on by a simple, single touch of a button, and then they are turned off the exact same way. If your thinking about LED mirror lighting, you can get them here.

LED bathroom mirror

Modernise Your Bathroom Today!

One of the simplest ways to modernise your bathroom would be to install mobility bathrooms Bedford. However, if this isn’t currently feasible then not to worry, these top tips we’ve provided will help you modernise your bathroom and create your perfect bathroom!

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