The Lifestyle Mobility would like to personally welcome you to our new website. We are very pleased to showcase all of our services and products in one convenient place for you. The goal of our blog is to keep you informed of our latest news and ensure you are up to date with the latest bathroom trends and innovative mobility products.

For now, we are going to tell you a little more about us and what we do as well as what we offer.

Who are we?

Lifestyle Mobility is a reputable company who specialises in products and services that promote independent living. Whether you have restricted mobility or not, our range of services can be used by anyone to increase comfort, stability and relieve stress while showering or bathing.

We believe simple products such as bathroom aids can significantly improve the quality of life of people with restricted mobility and allow them to feel safe and comfortable undergoing tasks they would usually find difficult.

What do we offer?

Walk in Showers

While walk-in showers dramatically improves accessibility in terms of entry and exit, we acknowledge the process of showering can still be extremely difficult when you have restricted mobility. No matter what your mobility level, we guarantee to have the walk-in shower product you need. All of our products aim to provide comfort and stability while you shower.

Walk in Baths

For some, using a bath is an impossible task as it requires a lot of movement. Our extensive range of walk in baths is available for those who wish to enjoy a relaxing bath but may need some assistance. Each bath has its own distinctive features, and are suitable for individuals with varying mobility levels. Our range includes:

Wet Rooms

If you are looking to improve floor space usage, Wet rooms are an excellent alternative to standard bathrooms. Not only will a wet room add luxury to your home, but it will also significantly improve accessibility to all bathroom appliances.

Mobility Bathroom Suites

Mobility bathroom suites are ideal for individuals with restricted mobility as you can customise your entire bathroom to cater for your needs and requirements. We believe Mobility bathroom suites can be practical as well as stylish.

Find out more

If you want to know more about our products please feel free to continue browsing our website, or simply contact the team with any queries you may have.

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